Christopher "Hepp" Heppner

bass and keys


Tim Neagle

drum and vocals

Charlie Fitzgerald

guitar and vocals

Charlie Fitzgerald and Thomas Logan formed Heavy Accent a few years ago, though the two met long before in North Carolina, recall getting along swimmingly, then lost touch completely. But life's random changes sometimes break all the right rules. Heavy Accent was an accident.  Although Thomas had to move away from the Bay Area a year or so later, he left behind the spark of inspiration.  


Just before Thomas left they were joined by Tim Neagle, a great local drummer who helped record the first demo tracks with live drums and provided the group with a distinct rock direction. Chris Heppner soon joined on bass, bringing instrumental versatility with his additional skill on the piano. The trio is also lucky to be surrounded by very talented local musician friends, and recently had the good fortune to be joined by Noel Butta on keyboard/synth and local legend John Baker on lead guitar to round out the band's sound. 

And so the forging continues, everyone excited to create new music, and Thomas' early contributions still alive and well.  Now with a new self-titled EP and lots of new material in the hopper, they are most excited about being able to share that music with others, particularly at their energetic live shows.

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